Tip 1: Reframe selling If you’re still not convinced that you’re a salesperson, or that you need to be, read the first part of this blog. The trick is not to put ‘selling’ on some hard-to-attain pedestal, or group ‘salespeople’ as that type of person/ them over there. It’s me. It’s you. It’s all of […]

I’m 29, I’m engaged, I’m employed and I’m healthy. I’m doing pretty well by most standards but it never seems to be enough. I don’t have a house, I can’t get a mortgage, and if I want to start a family then I either give up on my career to do so, or accept the […]

Today in California, thieves broke into a charity office and stole the office computer equipment and other goods. Sad and scary perhaps, but not unusual. What was different about today was that the thieves later had a change of heart and returned their loot! The police found the stolen items dumped on the front porch […]

After people watching in Vancouver for the past year, I have come to a few simple conclusions about human behaviour: Sport makes people crazy. No matter what the sport, no matter where you are, people get crazy and shout in the street. In Vancouver, it happens to be ice hockey that raises the temperature and […]

After a wonderful trip back to the UK in August, I’m back online after quite a long break. And it feels good to be back. But why? I must ask myself. Do I blog because I like to be busy? Do I blog because I feel I’ve got interesting things to say? Do I blog […]

This is the last stage of a series about ‘Adding value at work’: Stage 1 – Setting a future vision Stage 2 – Running a self-assessment Stage 3 – Mapping your territory Stage 4 – Planning your route A simple final stage. To continue the sports theme initiated by my guest blogger this week in […]

Today, for a special treat, I’ve invited a guest blogger, Ben Priest, to share some insights into the world of Sports Psychology. If you like what he’s got to say, why not find him on Twitter @benpriest9.  Over to Ben… I’ve been an avid sports fan for as long as I can remember. Some of my […]

A volunteer at the Olympics has made a bit of a storm in London this week with her impromptu positivity speech. Some are suggesting she goes into stand-up comedy. Some are simply happy to see a friendly face on the job; a human willing to put themselves out there to make others smile. What do […]

In July I’ve been taking part in an Ultimate Blogging Challenge. The challenge is simple: Blog every day in July, which is 31 posts. That’s pretty tough going when you’ve got plenty of other things going on (as most of us do). But the joy of the blogging challenge is in meeting and connecting with […]

You’ve built a successful future vision, you’ve run your self-assessment (and if you haven’t, click on the links to revisit the first two stages of this ‘blog in bits’), now it’s time to map your territory. You started building your roadmap when you thought about the path you need to take to move you from […]

Ever wondered how you can add more value at work? Are you about to start a new job and keen to hit the ground running? You’ve come to the right place. This is the second part of a ‘blog in bits’ series about ‘Adding value at work’. If you haven’t seen them, check out ‘Blog […]